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Naughty Natty ORIGINAL Pin-up Girl WWII Aircraft Nose Art By Natalie

25 comments on “Pinup Art
  1. LittleImpaler says:



    wow what a amazing work of art..looks soooooo gooood ….your a amazing artist

  3. Thisoldcar says:

    Great work Nat, truly amazing art work

  4. Joe Di Gesare says:

    Beautiful work of art. I’ve flown in three B-17s on is named “Sentimental Journey” a hit song of that era. Maybe music of that time might be good too. Like the one I mentioned above, or “Slow Boat to China” or “Tangerine.” Hope that you might do more of these. THANK YOU!

  5. Captain Jack III says:

    I enjoyed watching your technique. I love art as well and make cowling sections of both the P-40 Warhawk and P-51 Mustang. If you need some as a canvas, let me know. Planning to buy a vintage airplane in the next year, so may get you to help with the nose art. Great job!

  6. Josh Birrittier says:

    this is great really cool i would love to spend a day painting with this person

  7. athenasword1 says:

    Hi, first of all , skin tone , what ever you prefer I suppose I prefer a more tan fiery tone (suntan look) and (hope you don’t mind me saying ) as one artist to another but the hair resembles spaghetti bolognese ? Still , it’s very good. Have a look at the guy I have based my work since the early 70s His Brilliant on skin tones ‘ Boris Vallejo ‘ see what you think.

  8. Jocelyn H says:

    Omg I can’t wait wen I get my pin up girl :)

  9. annie t says:

    Beautiful work of art. The video as well. And most of all the artist herself!

  10. 74drat says:

    Boris is awesome!! Love the one with snake like demon hugging the blonde.

  11. 74drat says:

    any links to the finished plane?

  12. Jeff Allan says:

    I would like to say that you my dear are a true artist, and you also look like a beautiful work of art yourself

  13. Jeremy Harmon says:

    What paint do u use?

  14. Foleysrose says:

    could use a little shading under the boob. nice brilliant job otherwise. would definatly buy it if i could

  15. NATALIALYNN says:

    I use acrylics mixed with glaze mediums. I had to prime the metal first though on this one

  16. NATALIALYNN says:

    no I”m sorry, this was just a commisioned wing panel, it’s not going back on the plane

  17. rcflux says:

    she looked like a man before you added color! looks great!

  18. Christy Wolcott says:

    Very cool thanks for sharing! : )

  19. MrJr289 says:

    ^-^ sweet work did u sell it ??
    and whats the song at 6mins

  20. NATALIALYNN says:

    thank you so much! Yep I sell my work, this was a commissioned piece but I can paint you anything you want. & the song is by yellowcard but I’m not sure the name, I will check & see

  21. NATALIALYNN says:

    on this painting I had to prime the metal first then use acrylics

  22. Tu-Kwon Thomas says:

    Nice work! :D

  23. Ronplucksstrings says:

    Very nice work Natalie…and so interesting to watch it from start to I have even more appreciation of what went into it…how long did it actually take to paint?

  24. Earthman2012 says:

    Brilliant!! <3 Your work!!! Was goin’ to ask if ya had a website, or albums on FaceCrack, then checked out the rest of your videos!! Again,,,, Love Your Work!!!

  25. Owen Trahan says:

    this is an older pic love your art and my cousin in Lafayette Louisiana
    paints and another friend! i design logos can come up with ideas have in past use artist etc when have one not that artistic want to start a business love pin ups and older art! your for contemporary reflects what i like Love Yours Pretty and talented know what that makes you ? pretty talented L<3
    ve Owen

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