Pinup Fashion

Pin-Up Stars Swimwear Show: Bikini Models on the Runway | Spring/Summer 2013, Milan | FashionTV

22 comments on “Pinup Fashion
  1. Trentini Beatriz KD says:

    3:46 cute face!

  2. Trentini Beatriz KD says:

    7:28 best walk 

  3. Trentini Beatriz KD says:

    they’re look heathy not too much skinny :). good body model

  4. Martinee111 says:

    andyone know song from 4.00- 5.40 ??? PLEASE :<

  5. R Stevens says:

    What a lovely show in all regards.

  6. Satyansingh Leeleea says:

    The pregnant model is the sexiest in this fashion show

  7. H4XEM says:

    @fashiontv her name? 3:40

  8. Sanks k says:

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  9. LadyDirtyRapsberry says:

    1:10 I tough that was teenage Kate Upton for a second

  10. ringo Ingo says:

    My Dick Favorite Channel

  11. Ed Erickson says:

    nice show that diirty dog is it his ??? shouldn t mix business with hard ons shame on  him takeing advantage of his workers

  12. shane dax says:

    1:10 what is this girls name pls ?

  13. shane dax says:

    hey do u know what is her name?

  14. Endurance Schmitt says:

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  15. tonyzahar01 says:

    (* )V( *)

  16. soo taim says:


  17. Venancio Castroviejo Jiménez says:

    como reza el titulo autenticas top models estan guapissimas hay mucha calidad ahi yo jamas vi una de estas

  18. stubones says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  19. Burak Atasorkun says:

    5.15 what is this girls name pls ?

  20. Shane Tom says:

    Here’s ill give u a boner I mean bonous

  21. durestudios says:


  22. cherry lee says:

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