Pinup Hairstyles

Victory Roll Vintage Hair Tutorial by CHERRY DOLLFACE.

11 comments on “Pinup Hairstyles
  1. Thecherrydollface says:

    Go to a colorist and ask for them. :)

  2. Thecherrydollface says:

    Try curling, pinning, and sleeping on the curls overnight!

  3. Thecherrydollface says:

    Try extensions!

  4. Thecherrydollface says:

    Tease it more. It will help keep the layers together.

  5. Thecherrydollface says:

    Thank YOU!

  6. Thecherrydollface says:

    Yes– I just did it to show you… I had actually already sprayed it on the rest before I started filming.

  7. Thecherrydollface says:

    Not at all! I actually have a tutorial for that!

  8. Thecherrydollface says:

    I have a whole series for vintage hairstyles on curly hair. :)

  9. Anna Klepak says:

    Thanks you!! I am in a fifties themed play and i really needed this!

  10. Céline Cavaleri says:

    i love it !!! its so beautiful !!!! thanks for your videos ;) kiss

  11. Nicole Allard says:

    i LOVE this!! so pretty, i am going to try this. i hope i can do it as well as you some day!

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