Pin ups “Car n Bike show”

24 comments on “Pinups
  1. jorgedavid mattox says:

    i like everything on that cars, girls ,bikes everything you name it.

  2. Corey J says:

    dammmm grl

  3. virtuvianTrace says:

    Me gusta chocolate!

  4. GradyVEVO says:

    Nicki Minaj Girls !!

  5. chris graham says:

    nice video 4 real

  6. khin kyi says:

    hey my man,
    i like everything.

  7. HollyBadunk says:


  8. luiz gustavo says:

    Gooossttii (66*

  9. fuccuu payme says:

    she kill it

  10. grangeville46 says:

    lol floppy fat..kinda nasty…

  11. K H says:

    great video…someone edit it and get the dame hunks a metal out….this day and age we need to get rid of all the roads and cars anyway…but lets at least start with this video : ) ..and I’m a mechanic saying this sh*t smh

  12. winnerdamm says:

    everyone came here for the best girl

  13. John905000 says:

    what’s the name of the girl at scene 4:29

  14. NexLvL203 says:

    that resident evil bike wass fuckin sick.. loved that joker drop top too

  15. Jason Troy says:

    i dont think thats a girl bro

  16. Jason Troy says:

    why are all these girls over weight and look like trannys? they could all afford 5000$ rims but had to cheap out on the strippers?

  17. Jeff Donald says:

    haters gonna hate….these girls fine as fuck

  18. Jeff Donald says:

    Total babe at 6:07

  19. Hafdav1999 says:

    I got to enjoy those ladies that day. I am so glad I stay in and outside the A(Atlanta)-Hafdav3000-TG4MB-~1~

  20. renegade gang says:

    “love my life” the general ,benny g,chip gwop, yak da liquor man

  21. MysticNessly says:

    Wow, those are some awesome rides. Great job.

  22. jk28326 says:

    What the name of the song at the start of the video.

  23. ambassador158 says:

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  24. oreo212007 says:

    strippers n cars i love it!!!!

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